Washington, DC, September 18, 2023 —The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) has announced that the Jacksonville, Florida-based Malone AirCharter is the most recent company to join its ranks of more than 320 operators. Additionally, Malone AirCharter has signed on to use the ACSF’s SMS Tool for its Safety Management System (SMS). Doing so will help ensure Malone’s compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) forthcoming mandate for all Part 135 operators to implement a SMS.
Cristine Kirk, President & CEO, Malone AirCharter said she’s very gratified to be joining the ACSF’s ranks. “At Malone AirCharter, our commitment to safety has always been a cornerstone of our operations, and our membership with the ACSF emphasizes our proactive approach to ensure the highest level of safety standards for our clients and crew,” she said. “And, by actively participating in the ACSF’s SMS Tool, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement and a just safety culture, setting an example for the broader aviation community.


Director of Operations James Johnson, CEO Cristine Kirk, Safety Director James Terrell

By its choice to leverage the ACSF’s low-cost SMS Tool, Malone Air Charter is demonstrating its absolute commitment to elevating comprehensive safety standards. By integrating the SMS Tool into their operations, the company will be equipped to identify, assess and mitigate safety risks proactively. The end goal is to enhance Malone’s overall safety performance and strengthening its obligation to its passengers, crew and the public.

The ACSF’s SMS Tool enables a systematic approach to safety management, aligning with FAA requirements. This intuitive tool empowers operators to streamline their safety practices, identify potential hazards and effectively address safety-related issues through risk management strategies.

“We extend a warm welcome to Malone AirCharter, and we’re eager to have them as part of the ACSF membership,” said Bryan Burns, President & CEO of ACSF. “Their decision to adopt our SMS Tool demonstrates their ironclad dedication to safety excellence. We’re confident that this collaboration with them will further reinforce the air charter industry’s reputation for safety and reliability.”

The ACSF is renowned for its commitment to promote and enhance the air charter industry’s safety and security standards. With a mission to provide valuable resources and support to operators, the foundation plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement across the entire sector.