Exciting opportunities are on the horizon—Malone Air has moved!

Malone AirCharter is proud to announce that in order meet the increased demand for chartered flight in this unprecedented time, we have permanently moved to a larger facility to improve the experience and offer greater availability for our valued clients! Starting November 1, all flights and operations will be out of Jacksonville International Airport at our new location at 14000 Pecan Park Road. The new space is twice as large as the previous one, with double the parking, and additional conveniences for travelers. This change allows Malone AirCharter to expand staffing, add to the fleet, and offer more flight options for clients’ busy schedules. Inherent in this change is Malone AirCharter’s consistent commitment to care, comfort, and safety, as well as unparalleled customer service.

Lydia Wood, a veteran charter coordinator with Malone AirCharter stated: “Our clients expect and deserve an elite level of customer service and support and we are pleased that this opportunity allows us to continue to meet and exceed their expectations.”

Cristine Kirk, Malone AirCharter’s new CEO, led this initiative, sharing “This is an opportunity to be responsive to our clients’ needs as well as expand our own opportunities for growth. At the new location, we will be able to add larger aircraft to our fleet as well as additional international travel, all with the ease and convenience of being located at Jacksonville International. Our business had outgrown the previous location and we are fortunate to have this opportunity to expand at such a critical time in our industry.” In addition to the move being necessary to realize the potential for growth for Malone AirCharter, including adding aircraft that can accommodate 10 or more passengers, Cristine added: “We will also have an opportunity to take advantage of additional safety measures, including longer runways, at Jacksonville International. This is a win-win for everyone involved.”

While flights and operations began at the new location on November 1st, many details of the move including upgrades in the facility itself are still underway. Please pardon our dust and construction as we continue to make the improvements to make your experience as comfortable as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy some photos of our team busily making the new Hangar a home!

For More Information

For more information or to book a flight out of our new Hangar, contact our charter coordinators at charter@maloneaircharter.com

Our New Location

Malone AirCharter

14000 Pecan Park Road

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Photo Gallery of New Location (In Process)

Jacksonville, FL  11/1/2021