Citation CJ3

The Citation CJ3 is the most popular light jet on the charter market.  Known for its quiet cabin and incredible short field performance, it is the most requested light jet in the market.  The CJ3 has one of the longest range mission profiles in the light jet market due mainly to its incredible fuel efficiency.  Seat to seat room is tops in the light jet market with the most leg room in its class.

Citation CJ3 Specifications

  • Passengers: 7
  • Range: 1,900miles
  • Payload: 2,100 lbs
  • Cabin Dimensions: L 15.7 ft x H 4.8 ft x 4.9 ft
  • Baggage Capacity: 65 cubic ft.
  • Cruising/Top Speed: 470 mph / 500 mph

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Key Features of This Aircraft

  • Exceptional Versatility
  • Comfort and Speed
  • Enclosed Lavatory