The Malone Air Operations Facility provides the very best in style and comfort to our passengers. Whether in the air or on the ground, we want every second of your time with us to feel like “home”. 

Ready to Welcome You

Safety is always our top priority at Malone Air Charter, but comfort comes in a close second. We work hard to ensure the time you spend with us is spent as comfortably as possible, whether that time is on the ground preparing for your flight or in the air on the way to your destination. Our operations facility is designed with your comfort and productivity in mind. From the welcoming lobby area to the restroom facilities to the complimentary Wifi, we want every second of your journey with us to feel like you’re at home.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to keep all of our facilities and our aircraft in pristine condition inside and out, and we invite you to tour the facilities and aircraft at any time.

Tour Our Operations Facility 

In November 2021, Malone AirCharter moved into a new facility located at Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). This exciting new facility offers additional comforts and conveniences for our clients and aircraft owners. Our onsite maintenance team takes advantage of the 31,000 square foot hangar, while our staff enjoys the additional office space, reception area, and conference spaces made available in the new space. Take a minute to look through our Operations Facility Tour and check back in soon as we make more improvements to the place we call “home”!