There is an increasing number of private aircraft owners who are chartering their aircraft when not in use in order to reduce the overall cost of ownership. But before a private aircraft can be chartered, it must meet a certain set of standards and rules set forth by the FAA (known as Part 135). First and foremost, that aircraft must be listed on an FAA air carrier certificate. The most effective and efficient way to offer your private aircraft for charter is through an aircraft management company who holds their own Part 135 air carrier certificate. Malone Air Charter meets that requirement.

The most effective way to charter your private jet is through an aircraft management company that holds its own Part 135 air carrier certificate. Malone Air Charter meets that requirement.

What Is the Process for Offering My Jet for Charter?

There are several steps that have to be addressed before an aircraft can conduct its first charter flight. Some of those steps are practical in nature while some of them are regulatory. The most efficient way in terms of both time and cost is to place your jet with an aircraft management company who already holds a Part 135 certificate. When a private aircraft owner follows the proper process of placing his or her jet with an aircraft management company, it is called “conformity”. This term refers to the period of time after the aircraft is purchased but before it has made its first revenue producing charter flight.

How Long Does the Conformity Process Take?

On average, the conformity process takes between 30 and 90 days. During that time period, a long list of specific actions must be taken. Those action items include hiring and training a crew, reviewing the maintenance and safety records of the aircraft itself, undergoing mandatory FAA inspections, and more. To make sure the process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is best that the team overseeing the process is one with the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure all the details are covered. Having organizational structures in place as well as clear lines of a responsibility ensure the process will go forward without unnecessary delays or complications. The three most critical elements of any smooth “conformity process” are experience, organization, and communication. And of course, the ultimate goal of the entire process is to move your aircraft to “profitability”. That journey from “Conformity to Profitability” is what helps Malone Air Charter stand out.

Experience Matters.

When it comes to choosing the right aircraft management company to manage your private jet, it’s vital for the owner to ask the right questions. Not all air carrier certificates are equal. The FAA issues Air Carrier Certificates with specific “authorizations” that are often complex in what they allow a company to do and not to do. A few of the most critical questions to ask are:

  • What is the “area of operation” that this company’s air carrier certificate allow it to operate within? Some companies are restricted to specific areas while other companies have regional or even global authority. Is your company authorized to operate in foreign air space? Make sure the air carrier certificate for your prospective company has the right authorizations.
  • What is the size of the aircraft I am looking to offer for charter? Each aircraft falls into a different designation depending on the size of the aircraft. Aircraft with nine or fewer seats fall into one category, while aircraft with 10 seats or more fall into another.

Regardless of which aircraft management company you work with, you need to make sure they have to proper authorizations and professional experience to operate your aircraft in a safe and legal manner. Failing to do so can result in costly delays and possibly fines.

Organizational Excellence.

Following closely on the heels of having the proper certifications is finding a provider with the organization to back it all up. The sheer size of the task in moving an aircraft through the “conformity” process requires a well-organized team of professionals. It simply isn’t realistic for one person to handle all of the required steps in a timely manner. It takes a team. At the head of that team is an “Aircraft Manager” who serves as the central point of contact to keep the conformity process on schedule. He is backed up by an industry specific software that elevates organization and communication amongst the team as a whole. The singular goal of the entire team is to get your aircraft through the conformity process and authorized as a part of the Part 135 air carrier certificate. 

Communication Is Key.

The final element to a smooth conformity process is “Communication”. As before, the Aircraft Manager plays a pivotal role both for the owner as well as the aircraft management team. The Aircraft Manager serves as the primary leader for the team and the primary liaison to the jet owner. It is his or her duty to inform the owner as each step of the process is completed. Communication is key to staying on schedule and seeing the conformity process to its completion. 

“The Conformity Team at Malone AirCharter meets multiple times each week, discussing in detail what tasks have been completed as well as what tasks need to be completed next,” says James Johnson, Malone AirCharter’s Director of Aircraft Management. “It is our job to keep the aircraft owner completely informed about where his or her aircraft is in the process, so they can rest assure that their plane will be conformed on schedule.”

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