Citation XL
Citation XL

The Citation XL is the worlds best selling executive jet aircraft and was designed for those who desire a more spacious stand up cabin. Passengers find it easy to move about the cabin and have plenty of leg room while seated. Payload and baggage capacity is tremendous, easily accommodating more luggage and more passengers.

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Citation XL
Citation XL
Citation XL
Citation XL

Citation XL Specifications


Passengers: 8
Range: 2,100 miles
Payload: 2,300 lbs
Cabin Dimensions: L 18.6 ft x H 5.7 ft x W 5.6 ft
Baggage Capacity: 78 cubic ft.
Cruising/Top Speed: 480 mph / 500 mph

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Key Features Include:

    • Spacious Cabin
    • Superior Speed and Payload
    • Private Lavatory
    • WiFi Internet Access

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