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Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign has extensive coast-to-coast range, impressive speed and the largest cabin of any aircraft in its class. Passengers enjoy plenty of legroom and headroom in its spacious interior. With 100 cubic feet of baggage space, it can handle virtually everything its nine passengers want to bring along.
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Citation XL

The Citation XL is the worlds best selling executive jet aircraft and was designed for those who desire a more spacious stand up cabin. Passengers find it easy to move about the cabin and have plenty of leg room while seated. Payload and baggage capacity is tremendous, easily accommodating more luggage and more passengers.
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Citation CJ1

The Citation CJ1 is one of the most economical and versatile light jets on the market. The CJ1’s performance allows for fast climbs to altitude, and its fuel efficient engines can fly up to 1,100 miles with a full payload. A wide variety of runways are accessible in the CJ1, as it requires only 3,200 ft. for takeoff.
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Citation CJ4

The Citation CJ4 jet redefines versatility for a light jet. The CJ4 has added speed, range and cabin size over its predecessor without incurring midsize jet operating costs. Features such as single point refueling, an externally serviceable lavatory and excellent range (2,200 miles) deliver what crew and cabin passengers appreciate.
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Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a light business jet that comfortably carries up to seven passengers. The cabin has a standard seven-seat layout, with four passengers in club seats facing each other, plus three additional club seats. The Bravo’s powerful engines allow for higher cruising speeds and greater range than other aircraft in its class.

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